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In Remembrance of a Pony that Touched Our Hearts....

        This page includes recommended websites by Maggie. It also includes some other websites about Maggie and her cause. If you would like your website posted here, please email Maggie.

        Similar Websites:

          Maggie's YouTube-
          Includes all of Maggie's special videos about her death and the truth behind her euthanasia.
          The protest website that started it all. It includes information about the *NEW* euthanasia policy, and about the other inexcusable deaths.
          Mountain and Gatsby-
          A memorial website for the two boys that were refused a lovable home by Days End. Their website is still under construction, but should be finished very soon!
         Other Websites:
          Kindness Not Cruelty-
          A very informative website about animal awareness and animal rights. Highly recommended by Maggie!
           Leaves of Grace
           My Kidz Got Style
            Pug Place
            Balsam Ponds
            Dog Echo
            Be a Green Teen
            Travelin' Paws
             Veg Teen
             Fantasy Equine
             Shopping Kharma
             Google Adsense
             Stipple By Design-
              A great website with a great pet portrait service.
            These are some things people are saying about Our Maggie...Thank you to everyone who wrote! :)
             If you made this site to bring awareness of animal cruelty, you made your point. I thought this was a touching farewell, and memorial to Maggie, Gatsby, Mountain, and all the other horses that face senseless killings. I have to tell you that your story, and the simple way you told it, kept me on the site. It is very powerful, and you brought your message across very well.
                  -My Kidz Got Style
              Beautiful and very touching site! The story of Maggie and the other horses is truly heart-rendering. I am an owner of three horses and a menagerie of other pets and know that they all have their different personalities and quirks ( no different than humans). But, knowing that there are owners in this world that can not properly " deal " with their pets issues and have them euthanized because of the owners inadequacies is way beyond my comprehension. Maggie and others deserved the kindness and love that we all expect. Having a pet is an honor and a great responsibility, no different than raising a child. 
                  -Dog Echo
              This is such a sad story. I found your site doing just what you want it to do, hit the heart and wake people up to this kind of sadness. God Bless you for sharing with us. Your site is beautiful and so is your sad message. 
                    -Balsam Ponds
               As a horse lover, thank your for bringing public to this issue. It is the only way to prevent more deaths like Maggie's, and I'm sorry for your loss.
                     -Be a Green Teen
               Thank you for bringing the euthanasia of animals to light - a topic very dear to my heart being an avid animal lover. Your story is compelling and touching, done very tastefully and delivered in a way that keeps the reader engaged. I am sorry about your loss, and I hope that your efforts here help deter this in the future. 
                   -Angel Treasures Online
                It is a terrible shame what is happening.  It saddens me to hear about any kind of animal suffering. Thank you for doing your part to help make a difference.
                       -Kindness Not Cruelty
                 Maggie has touched my heart.
                        -Travelin' Paws
                  I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to Maggie. I'll pass the site around.
                       I would be devatstated if any of my horses ever ended up at such a horrible place. All the best wishes to you in telling your story, may Maggie rest in peace, I hope that your memory of her will allow you to change the lives of many more horses. Keep up the good work, people like Days End have to learn that what they are doing is NOT OK! 
                               -Fantasy Equine
                               Maggie rest in peace sweet angel. The recue had no right to do what they did. They are not a rescue, they are killers.
                         I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful horse. Your site is so beautiful that I will be adding to favorites and reading all about it tomorrow morning prior to my surgery. I can already tell this will tear my heart up because I love horses so much. I wish you all the best and thanks for creating such a lovely site for a lovely horse that was inhumanely euthanized. How horrible.
                          -Shopping Kharma
                           Maggie was a sweet and innocent Chincoteague pony that was killed by a horse "rescue".poor innocent girl.
                           -Google Adsense
                          Very touching site. Very sad, but needs to BE SEEN! So sorry for your loss. I was truly touched by your site and videos. My deepest sympathy goes out to you and all whom Maggie's heart touch. 
                          -Stipple By Design

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Maggie's Links

These are the links Maggie recommends! If you would like your website posted here please email Maggie