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In Remembrance of a Pony that Touched Our Hearts....

        These are the videos in memory of Maggie, and to make people aware of Maggie's unexpected and unfair death. These are just a few of the many Maggie videos that have been made. To see more Maggie videos please visit Maggie's Memorial YouTube.

        Thank you for watching.


   This is the protest video that was created after the inexcusable death of Mountain and Gatsby- two old geldings killed for being "too old". Even though both had homes awaiting them. Memorial website for them is coming soon.


This video was created in memory of all the horses that died due to this new euthanasia policy. This song was used because Days End showed little to no remorse after they put to death Maggie and the Others.


This is a collection of Maggie pictures put into a 4 minute movie.



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