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Our Memories

In Remembrance of a Pony that Touched Our Hearts....

        These are the stories that were sent in by people who shared a bond with Maggie, and who loved her so much. These are direct stories from different individuals that once knew Maggie so well. They have not been edited or altered in any form.

This is Maggie at the Days End Farm Horse Rescue Adoption Parade 3 years ago. What a sweet pony she was.


      "I first saw Misty when I went with Taylor to look at her at Days End. I was 
only like 10, and I had just started riding. I was the little girl in the 
orange shirt riding Misty in those videos. You can clearly see that I didn't 
know what I was doing, and back then I was really scared and had no confidence. But I rode her and I thought she was the most fun horse I had ever ridden. When Taylor bought her, I still rode her a few times. When she bought her, she was really green and didn't really know anything at all. But she went from that to being able to canter a course of like 6 jumps with no problem. She wasn't the best jumper, but she definitely loved to jump and she was really fun to ride. She did have a few problems, but she was way calmer than one of my horses that I have now, and I'm not even scared of him. He is coming a long way too, so if a big, stubborn, bratty Appaloosa can be trained by a teenager by herself, I'm pretty sure an "experienced" rescue can handle a little pony if they gave her a chance. Me and Taylor and Jillian could handle her easily, so a "rescue" that handles crazy rescue horses everyday should have absolutely no problem."



     "I've known Maggie since she first arrived at the farm. She was a very sweet pony. She had been abused so was afraid of people at first but then learned to trust people. I worked with her over the years and eventually had her going walk trot canter! She was an awesome pony to ride. She never tried anything naughty she was smart and willing. Then after she was returned to the farm I went into her stall and groomed her, petted her, gave her kisses, all without a leadrope or anything. I picked out her feet stood behind her scratched her butt. She was so sweet and remembered me from all those years ago. The farm said they had been using a chain on her and were terrified to lead her. Maggie was killed by Days End Farm Horse rescue for what? Because they didn't want to take the time to find her another home."



"This one time, I was getting her field buddy [Nantucket] and she came up to me and kept nudging the leadrope, like she wanted to be taken out instead of her buddy. (:   I miss herr. D: "
"Maggie was a great pony. I remember the last time I saw her in her stall. I hadn't seen her in years, yet she still allowed me to kiss her nose and brush her mane. I gave her a hug and watched my sister do all kinds of things with Maggie- and Maggie just stood there. She was so sweet and so adorable. I can't believe she is actually dead. I wish a rescue knowledgable with Chincoteague ponies had taken her in. Then maybe she would still be here."

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