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The Rumors

In Remembrance of a Pony that Touched Our Hearts....

        There are many rumors circulating on the internet about our dear Maggie. These rumors not only lack factual information, but they make Maggie look like a devilish and mentally unstable pony.

         The following are the most popular rumors regarding Maggie's mental soundness, and physical condition. This is the truth.

This is Maggie and Jillian (one of her adopters), dressed up for Christmas in December of 2007. Some horses would spook at the decorations on Maggie.


           Rumor #1

          Maggie had a brain tumor. Days End did the responsible thing and euthanized her.

         Fact: Maggie did NOT have a brain tumor. There is absolutely no vet records or any evidence to support that Maggie developed a brain tumor.



          Rumor #2

         Maggie was suffering! She was in a lot of pain and needed to be euthanized immediately!

          FACT: There is no evidence to support that Maggie was in any sort of pain. The only pain Maggie suffered was the needle that pierced her skin and ended her life.



        Rumor #3

        Maggie bucked off her rider and made the rider break her back. She was too dangerous and had to be euthanized.

        FACT: Maggie did not buck anyone off. They went over a jump and the rider fell off, Maggie did not make her fall off. It was an accident. Falling off horses happens to riders every day. Every horse in this world is dangerous. Welcome to reality.



        Rumor #4

       No one wanted Maggie because she was dangerous and mentally unstable. Days End had to euthanize her to save more deserving horses.

        FACT: There were many homes that were available to take Maggie. Unfortunately, Maggie was euthanized less than 3 weeks after returning from her loving home. 2 and a half weeks is not long enough to get a pony adopted, or even to evaluate it properly, for that matter. What makes some horses more deserving than others? Maggie was young, broke, and had a wonderful personality. A little PetFinder action, and she would've been adopted in no time. Too bad Days End didn't even evaluate her.... or place her back up for adoption...



       Rumor #5

       Maggie and those other horses were all euthanized for medical reasons.

       Maggie was euthanized because she was "too dangerous" and she was "too big of a liability". Every horse is a liability. Every horse is dangerous. If a horse spooks, bucks, takes off, etc. it is all a big liability. A rescue's job is to provide it with the necessary training so that it isn't as big of a liabilty. Maggie was supposed to get training in the fall, but Days End didn't let her live that long. The other horses were not euthanized for medical reasons either. Java, apparently, was "too dangerous" also. Not long before Java died, one of the staff said (and I quote) "Java I wanted to share that she had her feet trimmed today all four without sedation! ...These are huge accomplishments for us!" Java dies after making a "huge accomplishment"? How incredibly strange and uncalled for... RIP Java


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