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Our Maggie Remembered

In Remembrance of a Pony that Touched Our Hearts....

       This website is to remember and honor the beloved pony that touched our hearts. Maggie (also known as 'Misty') left this world too early at Days End Farm Horse Rescue, when it wasn't her time to go. To read more about Maggie please visit the "Our Loving Maggie" page.

        Maggie is only one sad story, of the many horses that have already met the same fate. These beautiful, loving horses include: Marbles, Mountain, Gatsby, Java, YaYa, and others. We love you all!

        This website is to tell and publicize the real story behind Maggie's unfair euthanasia. Maggie was not dangerous, she had no behavioral issues, and she had no mental issues either. This website displays the true story, from people who personally knew Maggie and bonded with her.

        Maggie was not like all Chincoteague ponies, she was special- a loving, beautiful mare that only wanted to please. She loved her owners- Taylor and Jillian, and she had a wonderful life with them. Unfortunately, her fun ended when a tragic accident occured that turned Maggie's world upside down and forced her to return back to the seemingly safe rescue....

This is Maggie and Jillian (one of the adopters). Even though Maggie was the sweetest thing, she was still portrayed as a "wild and crazy" Chincoteague pony.
Maggie was a very special pony, and will be remembered in our hearts forever. We love and miss our little Chincoteague pony.
We would like to thank Maggie's adopters for supplying the pictures for this website. We would like to thank the individual supporters for sending in their Maggie stories, and we would like to thank the horse rescues that have sided with us to stop unfair deaths like Maggie's!
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